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Cook Islands Organic Noni Juice 500ml
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Cook Islands Organic Noni Juice 500ml

NONI Juice (Morinda Citrifolia), made from the Morinda plant, has been used for well over 2000 years as a source of nutrition and medicine for people throughout the Pacific region.  Virtually all parts of the Noni fruit's botanical properties have been preserved in our juice creating a tonic with unique chemical structures found to exert an array of healing properties. Our Noni Juice is ripened using traditional methods and then cold squeezed to extract its juice.  This process increases the potency of the 140+ active components (enzymes, phytonutrients, trace minerals and vitamins) and helps to preserve and naturally stabilize the juice. 

Each 20ml contains
Pure Noni Juice from whole fruit
Inactive Ingredients:
No water added or pasteurisation.
Pharmacology and Research of Active Ingredients:
As Morinda’s chemical profile is being revealed its traditional uses are being qualified with Western scientific paradigm.  Morinda has over 140 components, six of which have been identified to establish why this plant has been used as a healing food over the centuries.
  • Scopoletin dilates vasculature & lowers blood pressure; anti-bacterial & anti-fungal; anti-inflammatory; analgesic; histamine-inhibiting; arthritic conditions; allergies; sleep disorders; migraine headaches; depression; Alzheimer’s disease.  This neoflavonoid polyphenol / coumarin derivative has been shown to possess strong antioxidant activity, while preserving glutathione reserves and the action of superoxide  dismutase, and to inhibit the production of malondialdehyde.  Further, it has displayed hepatoprotective qualities by reducing the release of glutamic pyruvic transaminase and sorbitol dehydrogenase.  Scopoletin also has an effect against Escherichia coli.
  • Glycosides (flavonol glycoside; iridoid glycoside, “citrifolinoside”) Anti-cancer effects: DPPH free radical scavenging activity; inhibition of UVB-induced Activator Protein-1 activity in cell cultures.
  • Polysaccharides (glucuronic acid; galactose; arabinose; rhamose; glycosides; trisaccharide fatty acid ester) immuno-stimulatory; immuno-modulatory; anti-bacterial; anti-tumour; anti-cancer.
  • Damnacanthal an anthraquinone compound has been shown to inhibit RAS function and induce normal behaviour in some pre-cancerous cells.  Damnacanthal strongly suppresses the effect of glial cell line-derived neurotropic factor (GDNF) induced neurite formation in human neuroblastoma cells. Antiseptic & antibacterial effects in digestive tract (Staphylococcus, Shingela, Salmonella). The presence of this compound tends to support the ‘anti-cancer’ claims of Noni.
  • Ursolic acid is a triterpenoid and is effective at reducing chronic skin inflammation and has anti-ulcer properties.  Ursolic acid has been shown to possess anti-tumour activity and an ability to modify haematopoiesis after chemotherapy.
  • Xeronine / Proxeronine was the first alkaloid isolated by Dr Ralph Heinicke in 1977.  It is hypothesised that the precursor Proxeronine combines with the enzyme proxeroninase and serotonin to produce xeronine.  Xeronine is thought to be absolutely essential to the functioning of proteins throughout the entire system and that levels of this alkaloid are strongly compromised by the Western diet.  Xeronine preserves protein integrity, often disturbed by or inducing illness.  Xeronine is considered to be responsible for the wide applications of Noni juice.
  • Phytonutrients numerous phytonutrients, antioxidants, and trace compounds.  Noni may be the richest plant source of antioxidants and phytonutrients on earth.
  • Activity of Noni compounds central analgesic activity, thyroid hormone production, sedative activity, antihelmintic activity, inhibition of RAS function (pre-cancerous cells), active against Lewis lung carcinoma, activity against leukemia, and splenomeagly, induction of human antioxidant enzyme systems, and phase II detoxification enzymes. 
Clinical Applications:

T J Clark’s Cert Organic Noni may be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of:

  • Ethno medical, scientific and causal observations reveal Morinda’s potential therapeutic applications consist of cancer, tumours, high blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, anti-helminth, general strengthening of cellular structures and immune stimulation.
  • Traditionally Noni has been used to treat skin diseases, growths, stomach ailments, respiratory disease, arthritic complaints, infant nutrition, rheumatism, mouth and gum disease, parasitic and bacterial infection, eye complaints, hypothyroidism and a general adaptogenic tonic.
  • Large doses are well tolerated, however not recommended throughout pregnancy (laxative action) and with use of alcohol and nicotine.
  • May cause loosening of the bowel in high doses.
Contents: 500ml and 750ml
Storage: Store below 30 C
Dosage and Administration: 10ml once or twice daily with food. 
Morinda Citrifolia Research:
  • AntiCancer Activity of Morinda citrifolia on Intraperitoneally Implanted Lewis Lung Carcinoma in Syngenic Mice. A. Hirazumi, E. Furusawa, S.C. Chou & Y. Hokama, Proc. West. Pharmacol. Soc. 37: 145-146 (1994)
  • Induction of Normal Phenotypes in RAS-transformed cells by Damnacanthal from Morinda Citrifolia T. Hiramatsu, M. Imoto, T. Koyano, K. Umezawa Cancer Letters 73 (1993) 161-166
  • Analgesic and Behavioral Effects of Morinda citrifolia
    C. Younos, A. Rolland, J. Fleurentin, M. Lanhers, R.Misslin, F. Mortier Planta Medica 56 (1990) 430-434

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