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Are Colloidal Minerals Safe?

Colloidal Minerals, Colloids, Heavy Metals & Toxicity

STEVEN E WHITING, Ph.D. Institute of Nutritional Science San Diego, May 15, 1995

As a biochemist who has been working with colloidal trace elements both in research and in practice, I feel that perhaps some elucidation on their biochemical properties might clear up the existing confusion.

Most people with a background in conventional chemistry view colloidal trace elements in the same light as their elemental counterparts, which of course they are not.

Specifically, the liquid colloidal mineral product is a naturally occurring acidic medium of about 3.0 pH. Minerals absorb into the body far more efficiently in this acidic state. With regards to the allegation that the product is "sulphuric acid", that is totally false. The product contains no sulphuric acid whatsoever.

The next point of confusion seems to be the presence of heavy and/or potentially toxic metals in the product such as Aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, lead etc. Again if we look at these minerals from the elemental or metallic point of view, they are all potentially harmful to human health.

In the case of the organic colloidal mineral product the minerals have been electro-magnetically altered as a by-product of photosynthesis within a plants internal biochemistry, making them not only beneficial to animal metabolism but also, by their nature, completely harmless.

As a further benefit to the human body, organic anionic trace elements act as a natural chelating agent to themselves.

In other words dealing specifically with the Aluminium aspect, colloidal organic Aluminium chelates out "heavy metal" Aluminium, removing it from soft body tissues.

This same concept applies to all the other heavy metals as well.

In my practice, we have successfully lowered tissue saturation of numerous potentially toxic metals through the application of high amounts of the bioelectrical counterparts. This was monitored and established through repeated use of tissue hair analysis done by independent laboratories.

Colloidal trace elements by their altered electrical nature, cannot be stored in the body for longer than a few hours and hence need to be replaced on a daily basis making their toxicity virtually impossible.


In earlier studies conducted at the Institute of Nutritional Science (1989) we deliberately overdosed a group of 30 individuals of all ages and physical conditions by administering 8 times the recommended dosage of liquid colloidal trace elements and the ONLY response was rapid diarrhoea which subsided upon the reduction in dosage.

On a less scientific note, this product has the distinction of being the oldest dietary supplement sold and consumed in the United States - since 1925 in fact.

Over the ensuing years, tens of thousands of people in all varying states of physical condition have taken the product with not one case of toxicity exhibited. No other product in the dietary supplement arena can claim such a long track record of safety and efficacy.

The Institute of Nutritional Science conducted another study with regards to organic colloidal trace elements and the effects they exercise upon other nutrients within the human body. Our results clearly showed that in the presence of these trace minerals the body was able to retain other water soluble nutrients, i.e. B-complex and Vitamin C, for a much longer period of time before excretion (1993).

Further research continues into the application of these most interesting and beneficial substances. Based on present knowledge, I would recommend them with complete confidence to any of my patients and clients who wish to increase their odds against environmental pollutants.